Research in the master 

Research is an integral part of the Master in Facility and Real Estate Management. During the master you broaden your horizon and you learn to understand how and why research can make a difference in professional practice. And do you aspire an academic career in facility and real estate management after completing the master's degree? That is possible too!

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Researcher to be!

The master Facility and Real Estate Management consists of 60 credits. You spend almost half of this on research, during courses such as Research Methodology and your thesis. You design your own research proposal to solve a specific facility and/or real estate problem. You translate your findings into appropriate conclusions and recommendations. This way you make a professional contribution to the knowledge domain of the sector. Your thesis will be an excellent calling card for your career!

What will this entail?  

  1. Preparing your research questions and hypotheses.
  2. Developing your research strategy. 
  3. Determining your research methods, data collection and analysis for the thesis project. 
  4. Gaining knowledge through academic literature.
  5. Perfecting your presentation skills and public speaking. 

Academic career – PhD track

Does research turn out to be something you want to focus on? Then your Master's degree in Facility and Real Estate Management can be an admission ticket for a PhD research at a university of your choice. You must then develop a research theme and accompanying plan yourself and interest a professor with PhD rights in your research. A full-time PhD research usually takes at least 4 years. Part-time it can take up  6 to 8 years.

Work and study at the same time

A PhD is a combination of work and study at the same time. You are paid as a student but you also have to meet deadlines and expectations. As a PhD student you are connected to the Facility Management research lectorate at Zuyd University of Applied Sciences.

Research Centres

Zuyd University of Applied Sciences carries out a lot of research and thus actively contributes to education, professional practice and the global domain of knowledge. This research is done in research centres. These are knowledge networks led by a lecturer who conducts research in a special topic. Lectorates often work collaboratively, with each other and with colleagues.

Research Centre Facility Management

The Programme Director of the master Facility Management is Joop van Duren. He has been lecturer of the research centre Facility Management since 2016. As a Facility Management master student you will get all the up-to-date and interesting knowledge that Joop van Duren and his team are continuously gaining. Follow the developments of the Research Centre and get inspiration for your own thesis.

Research agenda research group Facility Management

The research group Facility Management focusses on three research topics:

  • Value driven procurement; aims to create (in stead of use) value, especially multiple value. How can we create more value for money by also taking into account value dimensions like social value, manufactured value, natural value?
  • Sustainable conversion of Real Estate; focusing on feasible and sustainable exploitation of converted real estate from the very beginning of a project. This research aims to develop methods that foster facility management’s contribution to smart and sustainable use of converted real estate
  • Supporting and reinforcing communities; integrated neighborhood reinforcement aiming to enhance sustainable improvement of livability in neighborhoods by taking into account physical, social aspects and supporting people ageing in place.

Do you want to make a difference and push the boundaries of current knowledge about Facility and Real Estate management? Then register now for the master in Facility and Real Estate Management.

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