Research centres

17 Jan 2023

Annual Overview of Research Centre Global Minds at Work

Every year, the research centre Global Minds @ Work provides an annual overview of its activities, events and achievements.

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20 Dec 2022


Isabelle Grosch discusses the phenomenon of Rückwanderung, using her own experiences returning home for Christmas.

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30 Aug 2022

Global Mind Conference at the start of the academic year

A day for and about Global Minds, resilience, adapting, challenges and following your heart.

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08 Apr 2022

Research centre Future of Food helps the food industry make sustainable choices

Dr. Danny Han has been inaugurated as professor Future of Food. Read about his research and his inaugural adress.

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30 Mar 2022

Inauguration Lector 'Future of Food': Dr. Danny Han

On Thursday 7 April Dr. Danny Han has been inaugurated as lector 'Future of Food' during an afternoon full of festivities.

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04 Oct 2021

Antonia Wirtz: Winner of the Global Mind Blog

With her blog 'Smile through the mask', Antonia won the Global Mind blog. Click further to read it.

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07 Sept 2021

Ankie Hoefnagels inaugurated as professor Global Minds @ Work

Ankie Hoefnagels has been inaugurated as professor Global Minds @ Work. Her inaugural address can now be read here.

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01 Sept 2020

Ankie Hoefnagels appointed as professor Global Minds

We are proud to announce that Dr. Ankie Hoefnagels has been appointed as professor Global Minds!

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