Must-see movies about hospitality

"A journey of a talented young man shows just how important tolerance is and how open-mindedness leads you to the most surprising discoveries and experiences of your life."

Now that summer is in full swing you’re probably somewhere outside enjoying your days off. Maybe you’re chilling on the beach, picnicking in the park or having a drink at one of the city’s terraces. 

So whether you want to escape the heat for a moment, want to have a movie night (outside, enjoying the long summer nights!), or when the sunny days are replaced by rain and thunderstorms (it’s still the Netherlands after all), here are some nice movies to watch. And bonus, they are all about hospitality. So gather your friends, some snacks and a drink and enjoy!

movies to watch during summer

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Deceptively thoughtful and stylish, this movie is probably well-known to everyone, but is still worth mentioning.
If you’ve already seen this movie, re-watch it. And while you’re on it, look at the larger picture, concentrate on the stunning architecture and décor of the hotel. Dive into the hospitality world, the way it’s been in the past. Pay close attention to the way in which M. Gustave provides a high-end service to all hotels guests. Notice how he becomes a mentor to Zero, teaching him the art of understanding what the guest wants, and getting it to the guest, before the guest even thought of it. Look closer and you’ll understand that behind the humor and sarcasm, there is a truth, and we can all learn our lesson from it. 

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Lured by an advertisement for the newly restored Marigold Hotel, seven British tourists come to Jaipur, each of them bringing their personal story along to this holiday. They arrive only to discover that Marigold is a shell of its former self. Little do they know how much their lives will change here and how they will become intertwined with the fate of the hotel itself.
This one lets you get a good glimpse of Indian culture. This movie can perhaps teach you how having a passion for welcoming guests, is a key that will open all doors for you. An innovative concept for a hotel is a sweet cherry on the pie, to make sure you aren’t left uninspired. 

The Hundred-Foot Journey

A story about a family, that after losing everything in India, seeks a better life in Europe. Not finding their happiness in England, they settle down in a provincial town of France. Trying to preserve their traditions and wanting to share the beauty of their Indian culture with the locals, they open a small restaurant. 
A journey of a talented young man shows just how important tolerance is and how open-mindedness leads you to the most surprising discoveries and experiences of your life.  

movies to watch during summer

My Blind Date With Life

This German film was inspired by a real-life story of a young gentleman whose dream was to work at the most luxurious hotel in Munich. It would be much easier to achieve if a sudden decline of his eyesight didn’t pose an obstacle, forcing the main character to find ways around it on the path to his dream. 
This truly inspiring movie is a great representation of how tenacity, fortitude, and faith in yourself can beat all misfortunes on the way to success. 

Four Rooms

The action of the movie takes place at a Hollywood hotel, where on his first night on the job, Ted faces a hard reality of being a bellhop on New Year’s Eve. Trying to satisfy the want and needs of all the hotel guests, Ted end up having to help a coven of witches, he gets involved in a brutal domestic argument, he has to take care of the children of a gangster, and referees a ghastly wager.  
Watch it if you are a fan of Quenten Tarantino and for the sake of enjoying a good old black comedy. I found it to be a great representation of the nonsense that happens in hotels at times, especially in the holiday season! 

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Have fun and stay safe! 

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