Things to do

03 jul 2022

Five student-budget-friendly summer activities to do in Maastricht

Looking for some budget friendly activities? Student Nav got you covered and shares her tips for a great summer!

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26 apr 2022

Student life in Maastricht – Food edition

Fourth year student Uliana shares the best places to eat when you're in Maastricht.

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30 aug 2021

Student Life in Maastricht

Maastricht is a true student city with a great international vibe. In this blog we share tips with you about things to do!

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08 jul 2021

Must-see movies about hospitality

Third-year student Uliana shares some of her favourite hospitality movies for you to watch this summer!

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09 jun 2021

Restaurants in Maastricht owned by our alumni

Now that restaurants are open again, we share some of the best places in Maastricht, owned by our own alumni!

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30 mrt 2020

Asian restaurants in Maastricht

Up for some Asian food? Check out An Vo's favorite restaurants in Maastricht!

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09 jan 2020

Top 5 cities near Maastricht

Explore other cities in the Netherlands, Germany or Belgium, these places are certainly worth it!

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18 dec 2019

Alternative nightlife Maastricht

Maastricht is a city which has something for everyone. You just need to know where to go!

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04 dec 2019

Magical Maastricht

It is time to go out and explore the magical city of Maastricht in the winter!

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04 dec 2019

Living in Maastricht - a little guide

Are you a prospective Master student ready to embark on a journey in Maastricht? Read about the things you need to know!

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