Student life in Maastricht - Food Edition

Best places to eat when you’re in the city

"It took me quite some time to get used to the unusual Dutch eating habits.​​​​​​​"

To this day, fourth year student Uliana still remembers the feeling of surprise and confusion when she became acquainted with the Dutch cuisine. In this blog she shares her best food tips in the citycenter of Maastricht.

It took me quite some time to get used to the unusual Dutch eating habits. So, while keeping my diet healthy and simple at home, I made it a habit of going out for brunches or drinks with friends. Study sessions in the best coffee places are what got me through the stress of making deadlines. And what if your parents come to visit and you need a good place to take them out for dinner? Here is a short list of my go-to places for brunch, dinner, and drinks that I visited throughout my student life in Maastricht. Some might already sound familiar, but I included many options for when you are out of ideas.

Tafel met smoothiebowl, brownie en koffie


Breakfast at Tiffany’s reinvented. And who said I can’t do it better. First one up is my favourite and my guilty pleasure. All of these are the places perfect for both breakfast and lunch occasion, so I combined them in one.

Van Wijck. A perfect breakfast or lunch spot. Their menu has you covered for any occasion, from a selection of breakfast bowls and pancakes to a wide selection of sandwiches, salads and soups to keep you warm on a rainy winter day. That’s the place if you’re in a mood for a sweet and funky coffee. Seasonal specialty drinks always made me stare at the menu for a good 10 minutes before deciding what fits my mood best.

Flencious. The best pancake place ever. Jokes aside, I don’t think I ever been to a place that matched their selection of pancakes. Located right next to the Vrijthof square, it’s easy to miss but you simply can’t miss that one out. They got you covered for any kind of pancakes you like, be those American or Crepes, sweet or sour, with the best sauces and toppings. Prices don’t bite and in case they got that one ingredient missing, you can always order it on the side.

So Delicious. Ultimately a bakery with a dining place, it is more of a high-end brunch spot. While their breakfast selection is a bit more limited compared to other places, it is absolutely delicious. The name doesn’t lie. My recommendation is to go for their breakfast set, that way you get the best things on one plate. Ultimately, the place is perfect for lunch with a unique selection of sandwiches, quiche, Tarte Tatin and hamburger. FYI, their high tea options look amazing!

Café Zondag. always a good start for a Sunday. Numerous options to choose from, but also one of a few spots where you will find a Bretzel and a pumpkin bread. A cosy, Dutch place with a truly Dutch selection of sandwiches, which are so yum! In addition, they always have a variety of freshly baked sweets and a bloody good pie I must add!

Livin’ Room Maastricht. Another place located in the heart of the city centre and always full of students. A chill place, quite often used as a study spot, it is a go-to everyday lunch spot. Being budget friendly, you will find the best sandwiches on the menu and will most certainly have to come back to try it all. You should definitely stop by when wondering the streets of Maas!

Tafel met drie cocktails


Now that the breakfast and lunch are covered, let’s get straight to business and talk about dinner.
Le Fernand - my number one and an absolute favorite. French cuisine at its finest and great selection of wines I must add. Their fish is so good, and they must just have the best French fries in the city. It’s also a great place for a drink just before dinner when it gets super busy; their Borrel planks are so good!

Cinq is good for drinks with friends but is also a great dinner spot. Come in the evening to enjoy the dimly lit atmosphere. I would vote it one of the finest fillet steak places in the city, even though it is on the pricey side of restaurants.

Bistrot – bar ‘t Wycker Cabinet. As busy as it usually gets, Wycker Cabinet is always a good idea for a cosy dinner with just the right touch of sophistication. Keep your eye out on their daily chalkboard of dishes and of course all the fellow HMSM students working there!

Piano B isn’t necessarily a dinner spot, but they definitely have the best Italian-style pizza in town. They make it in a classic stone oven according to the best Italian traditions. The selection is huge, just like the number of Italians hanging around the place. Being affordable, it is most certainly Italian approved!


And now we are talking. For cocktails, I’d send you straight to Mr. Smits, a hidden bar in the Rechtstraat, although probably well known to everyone at this point. The cocktails are done right, and its romantic, groovy atmosphere make it a perfect speak easy club.

Rumors is another one for a less special occasion. The selection of cocktails is smaller and a bit more affordable. That doesn’t mean the cocktails are any worse though, you will find all the classics here and it’s definitely worth a try!

Bold Rooftop bar. These guys have got the most varied and perhaps the best selection of cocktails in town. Their Bold Originals are the real deal and of course the classics done well is what we love.

Falstaff and Gouverneur are both your go-to for a drink with friends, especially when you are in the mood for some beer. Gouverneur, has you covered with about a 300 different beer specialties and Falstaff has the best nachos in the city (I still haven’t managed to find better nachos anywhere).

About Uliana

Hello everyone! My name is Uliana and I am a fourth year student of the Hotel Management School Maastricht. I love exploring and learning new things, which is why I take on so many hobbies, that always keep me busy. I am an extremely curious person and travelling has always allowed me to feel free and connected to the world. I hope you’ll enjoy reading my blog and will find some inspiration there. 

Have fun! 

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