Living on campus

During your first year at the hotel school in Maastricht you will live on campus. Together with your fellow first-year students. Experience shows that this is social, fun and educational. You will learn to live with others and to share a living space. This can be quite a challenge. However, it provides you with important skills and abilities to be successful in the hospitality industry. Furthermore you will develop friendships for life. No worries. Your student life starts well here at hotel school Maastricht!

Three Hotel School Maastricht Students cycling on campus

New student accommodation

In September 2020, the first students will move into the new student rooms of hotel school Maastricht. The accommodation consists of three high-quality, sustainable buildings that include solar panels. The complex is well protected. For your safety and support there is always an employee present or available.

Student room & community

Your student room on the campus of hotel school Maastricht will surely surprise you! It looks just like a hotel room. Your furnished room (16 m2) has a bed (120 cm), desk, chair and large wardrobe. You will have your own bathroom with sink, toilet and shower. Of course there is wifi too.

Together with 13 or 15 fellow students you will form a community. Together you will have a living unit with cosy common room containing a fully equipped kitchen, large dining area and large seating area with TV. This enables you to cook and eat together with your flatmates. Of course this is not mandatory. You can also enjoy a meal in our student restaurant Refresh.

The lobby, postal service, sports room, multifunctional room and laundry are situated in the middle of the campus grounds of hotel school Maastricht. So you can exercise while doing your laundry. No more excuses.

Room impression Student Residence

Study spots

Each student prefers a different type of study environment. At the hotel school in Maastricht you will have several options. Just choose whatever suits you best. The multifunctional room and common living room are suitable to work on projects in groups or study individually. You can study privately in your own student room. The school building has several silence rooms and a study zone. Finally the library and student restaurant Refresh also offer great places.


Holland2Stay is a young and innovative player in the student accommodation market. They will be managing the new complex in close collaboration with hotel school Maastricht.

Rental costs

In 2020 the rental costs for a student room will be € 542.75. This sum will be indexed annually in January in accordance with the consumer price index (CPI), as published by the Dutch Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS). The rent includes gas, water, electricity, WiFi, use of communal facilities and security. So it is ‘all-inclusive’.

Stay informed

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Apply for the programme

As from 1 October 2020 you can apply via Studielink

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