5 Advantages of Living on Hotelschool Campus

'Take advantage of this opportunity to establish your network and secure housing for subsequent years while already living in the Netherlands.'

Living on the campus of the Hotel Management School Maastricht can be an exciting and experience. As a hotel school student in Maastricht, your first-year accommodation is in the Student Residence. Our vision is "Living is Learning," and during your first year, you will gain valuable experiences, become more independent, learn to live with fellow students from diverse backgrounds, and navigate your way around campus. With easy access to campus resources and activities, as well as opportunities for socializing and community building. Living on campus offers numerous advantages, and we've listed 5 for you!


1. Get to Know Your Fellow Students

Living together with other students is the best way to get to know eachother. In the Student Residence, you will share living space with 13-15 other first year students, forming a  community. Don't worry; you'll have your private bedroom for times when you need peace and quiet to study. Prepare yourself to cook and socialize together with your peers in the common area, creating friendships for life.

2. Your Friends Live Just Down the Hallway

Another advantage of living on campus is how easy it is to make new friends. They're not a bus ride or a long walk away – they're just down the hallway. For international students, this means meeting your new friends almost instantly as you walk into the student residence. 

3. Develop Independence

After graduating from high school and starting your studies at Hotel Management School Maastricht, you may experience some changes.  You'll learn to become more independent, taking care of daily tasks such as laundry, cooking and cleaning. Balancing school, studying, social life, and work requires strong time management and planning skills.

For international students, the initial weeks may be particularly busy, as you'll need to handle tasks like opening a bank account, navigating the city, and adapting to Dutch culture. Eventually most of these adjustments become second nature, and you'll receive assistance from fellow students, Student Residence staff, and Hotel Management School Maastricht staff.
While it may not sound "fun" in the beginning, this independence will provide valuable life experiences and contribute to your personal growth, creating memories to cherish.

4. Avoid the Housing Crisis (At Least for a Year)

In Maastricht, most students live in student houses. However, finding a room in this competitive housing market can be challenging. The significant advantage of studying with us is the guaranteed housing at our hotelschool campus provided for your first year. During this time, you can explore housing options, make connections, and determine your preferences for living spaces. Many of our students discover housing opportunities within the hotel school community. Occasionally, room swaps with students leaving for internships or graduating become possible. By living on campus during your first year, you can significantly simplify the process of finding housing for your second year.

For international students, most programs do not offer housing for the first year. Take advantage of this opportunity to establish your network and secure housing for subsequent years while already living in the Netherlands.

5. Learn to Live with Different People

Living on hotelschool campus means you can't choose your roommates. While this might not always be a seamless experience, it offers valuable learning opportunities. Living with people from diverse backgrounds means encountering varying norms, values, and habits. What unites you on campus is your shared passion for the hospitality industry. Keep in mind that everyone who chooses to study Hotel Management is aware of the communal living arrangement for the first year, so try to maintain an open-minded and inclusive attitude.

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