Life on campus

13 Sept 2021

Living on campus: an essential part of your study

Upon graduating, Emiel Ritzen [F 2021] reminisces about his time on campus and why it was such an essential part of his study!

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08 Feb 2021

Being a student is a unique experience!

Jean Maroun Bou Malhab about the Student Residence - "I must say that I whole heartedly enjoy my time here."

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20 Apr 2020

Living on campus is great!

Wondering what campus life is like? Our students tell you about their experiences!

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06 Apr 2020

Sharing is caring! It is fun!

Roelof ten Cate explains the ‘micro’ culture on the campus of the HMSM.

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02 Dec 2019

Campus life at HMSM

Wondering what campus life is like? Louise Horsten just loved her time at campus!

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