Thinking about studying hospitality management?

Ever considered enrolling at a Hotel Management School?

Thinking about studying hospitality management? Ever considered enrolling at a Hotel Management School? Hotel Management School Maastricht is definitely worth considering! We offer you the perfect balance between practical and academic study in an international, inspiring and welcoming environment in the south of The Netherlands.

Studying in Maastricht offers you more than a high quality curriculum, internationally recognized degrees and excellent career opportunities. It also offers you a friendly and warm home and a meeting place where you can make friendships for life.

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Check out the top 5 reasons why Hotel Management School Maastricht is the best choice for you too.

1. Ambitious and challenging bachelor programme

Hotel Management School Maastricht is a truly specialized institution that provides education at the highest standard. Since our foundation in 1950 we have built up a world-renowned reputation for our hospitality management education. We are proud to say that we belong to the top of Europe’s hotel management schools.

The curriculum of our Hotel Management School is ambitious and challenging, offering a combination of lectures, real-life practice, projects and internships. Our excellent teachers and guest lecturers challenge and encourage you to think critically and question your work, at the same time providing you with the required insights to tackle any challenges we pose you.

Graduating with our hotel school’s Bachelor’s Degree after 4 years of study opens doors to a boundless spectrum of potential job opportunities. Whether your ambitions lie in managing a hotel, starting your own company or working in one of the many other hospitality-oriented organizations.

2. Unique and inspiring learning environment

The campus of the Hotelschool is set in a wonderful park, nearby the cosy city centre of Maastricht. This unique and inspiring location includes student flats, the school building with a restaurant fully run by students, the on-site student association, a sports field and the Teaching Hotel.

The Teaching Hotel provides the school with an exclusive, practical training environment. The old castle has been converted into a real hotel with 26 rooms, various meeting rooms, a restaurant and a bar. As a student you play the role of host, hostess or manager.

In the hotel we experiment with new concepts, discover a new view on hospitality and reflect on possible innovations with our external partners. It’s a perfect way to train you to become creative and innovative and supply a fresh impetus to the hospitality industry. 

3. Small-scale and social

You will feel at home on our campus, we are sure. Classes are small and tight-knit and your teachers act as study coaches as well. Thanks to the personal guidance and the small-scale character of our education you are recognised for your unique individuality, not being a number but a name.

All first-years live in student flats on our safe and convenient campus. The private rooms have shared bathrooms and are fully furnished. Living and working together with fellow students is not only fun, it’s a school in itself. You will automatically develop essential social skills, which can make all the difference in the ‘world of hospitality’ in which you are going to work.

And, last but not least, on campus you make friendships for life. This is where you start building your social network and where some of your life’s fondest memories will be created.

4. International character

Hotel Management School Maastricht attracts students from all over the world. During your study you will get the chance to work in small, dynamic, multidisciplinary and multicultural teams, giving you the opportunity to naturally develop your intercultural skills and knowledge.

The Hotelschool has a very broad, global network of partners and alumni in the hospitality industry. During your study you will have an operational and a management internship. You can spend both of them abroad. Furthermore you have the possibility to take part in an international exchange programme with institutes within or outside Europe.

The city of Maastricht has a very international character. About 20 percent of the population consists of students, of which 10% is international. They come from everywhere and meet in the packed student cafes, in the huge number of student rooms in the old city centre or at one of the active social events provided by the student associations.

5. Studying in (the south of) the Netherlands

The Netherlands is a great choice for international students, rich in unique culture and charming quirks. A major pull factor for studying here is that the government provides subsidised tuition fees for all applicants with EU nationality. What’s more, the Dutch government allows EU students to take out a study loan at a very low interest rate to support their study in the Netherlands. Non-EU students have great opportunities to reduce their tuition fees by applying for the Study in Holland Scholarship and the Zuyd Excellence scholarship. Never underestimate yourself and go ahead and apply! The UK is easily accessible and the widespread use of English across the country means communication is never an issue.

The city of Maastricht in which you will live while studying at our Hotelschool offers you a friendly and warm home, no matter which country you originate from. The south of the Netherlands is known for its hospitality and easy-going atmosphere. Without a doubt you will feel at home here too!

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