The Hotel Management School Maastricht offers a challenging education, combining the theoretical with the practical. In your first year, you will immediately start gaining practical experience at the Teaching Hotel.

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Operational internship

In the second year you will spend 5 months on an operational internship abroad. You will work within the Rooms Division department (at the Front Office or in Housekeeping) or the Food & Beverage department of an international 4 or 5 star hotel. You can choose for countries in Europe or Asia, but the United States or the United Arab Emirates are also options. You will decide on the optimal internship location for you in collaboration with our Internship Office. Hotel Management School Maastricht cooperates closely with renowned businesses.  Because of this, we are able to guarantee an educational internship for all of our students.

Plenty of time before you go on an internship, an Internship & Career Event (ICE) will take place. During this event, businesses will present themselves, you will participate in workshops and you will write a personal development plan. This will form the ideal preparation for your internship! During your internship you will share your experiences through blogs posted on the internal platform Curious People. You will also keep in close contact with your supervisor during this period.

Management internship

The last 5 months of your education at Hotel Management School Maastricht are reserved for your management internship. This internship will take place in the Netherlands or abroad. Depending on your chosen profile you will do your internship at a hotel or another hospitality related company. A specific internship assignment will be one of your duties. The management internship is the perfect preparation for your first real job. It is not uncommon for companies to offer their interns a fixed position when you finish. 

Apply for the English programme

Start September 2025 or February 2026
All candidates can apply via Studielink between 1 October 2024 and 1 May 2025.