Teaching Hotel with students

The Hotel Management School Maastricht offers its students a practical training environment. Teaching Hotel Château Bethlehem is a hotel with 26 rooms, various meeting rooms, a restaurant and a bar. In this experimental and future-oriented environment, guests are welcome to interact with our students who play the roles of host, chef and manager.


Inspiring surroundings

Throughout the years, the hospitality industry has changed tremendously. The hotel school has always anticipated this, and is prepared to grow with these advancements. The curriculum of the hotel school is constantly being renewed and updated in accordance. We ensure the optimum balance between theory and practice. The hotel school believes it is necessary to create an environment that stimulates and inspires both teachers and students.

The Teaching Hotel offers the possibility to integrate the latest trends and developments in the training program. In addition, the hotel encourages students to look for innovative opportunities. Even before their career starts, they are introduced to design-oriented and conceptual thinking. As is the vision of the hotel school, a hotel manager should always be open to change and innovation.

Unique training environment

The Teaching Hotel is established upon the concept of 'learning at the workplace', where students gain real, hands-on practical experience. In the first six months of their first year, they can practice what they have been taught in a safe yet realistic environment. Furthermore they perform supervision tasks with added responsibilities. Finally, a select group of students do an internship at the Teaching Hotel. They perform the role of supervisor / manager during a practical or management internship.