A look into the Master Facility and Real Estate Management

"All classes are built up very nicely, and teachers explain everything very well with the help of a presentation and videos in class."

Do you want to get more information about the Master Facility and Real Estate Management (FREM) of Zuyd University of Applied Science and the University of Greenwich? This blog will tell you what to expect.

Master Facility and Real Estate Management
Classroom Master FREM

Our international group

First of all, I will shortly introduce myself. I am Iris, 21 years old and graduated from Hotel Management School Maastricht. Currently, I live in this lovely city. 

This year the class exists of a great mix between Dutch and international students. The nationalities diver from Mexican till China and Ecuador till Nigeria. In addition, there is a great balance between men and women, resulting in exciting class discussions with a lot of different perspectives. 

You’ll have two full days of classes, on Thursdays and Fridays, allowing you to work next to the master and providing you enough time to prepare your assignments. An important note is that you should be ready to give presentations related to academic papers and chapters of the study material.


There are several courses during the master with each there own assessments. The different courses are: 

•    Academic Skills
•    Strategic Business Management
•    Strategic Building Management 
•    Strategic Facility Management 
•    Strategic Asset Management 
All classes are built up very nicely, and teachers explain everything very well with the help of a presentation and videos in class. Besides, you can learn from your fellow students during the discussions or group assignments. The classes are given by various lecturers, who invite guest lecturers and organise company visits during the classes as well. By doing this, a varied and exciting programme is created for us as students.  

Swap the classroom 

Be aware of the probable difference in educational styles with your previous study. The concept ‘Swap the classroom’ is used frequently. Students have to present their findings instead of a teacher that is just explaining the theory. Besides, it is essential to share your preparation and findings during class. It is your responsibility to be prepared in class and be there on time.  

Golden tips

To survive and complete the programme, some extra tips: 
•    Ask your questions during the class or send a teacher an email. Do not be scared to ask your
•    Make sure your English writing skills are on point. Programmes such as Grammarly can help
•    Start on time with your assignments. Although you will get time enough, it is better to start on
      time so you will not get tangled by the different deadlines.  
•    Make sure you will live near Maastricht, so you do not have to travel hours to attend the classes. 

Interested in getting started or having any further questions? Feel free to send an email to master.hmsm@zuyd.nl

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