Must-visit restaurants in Maastricht

Owned by our own alumni

“Love for the product, simplicity on the plate and consistent quality are key.” - Charlotte Giliam, Restaurant "O"

After a long time of waiting, restaurants in Maastricht have opened their doors again! Now that we can go out and enjoy, what better places to eat than at one of the restaurants owned by our very own alumni. Today we share some of the best places to eat but beware, after reading this blog you will be hungry and absolutely want to go there! 

Levy Smit, Tim Sieben, Restaurant Onglet, Bruin schort, wijn, mixer, cocktail, bar
Levy Smit & Tim Sieben

Restaurant Onglet - Levy Smit [F 2009] & Tim Sieben [F 2007] 

''Your business success depends on your weakest chain'' 

Levy Smit and Tim Sieben are the owners of the beautiful restaurant Onglet, since 2019 located in the old butcher building in the `Wyck’ area in Maastricht.  
During their time at the hotel school, they both learned all the ins and outs on setting up a business, entrepreneurship and the hospitality industry. 
Concept development, brainstorming and coming up with new ideas gives them both an ultimate sense of freedom. That is exactly what makes entrepreneurship so much fun, and overall has been the motivation to start their own business. 

The food at Onglet

The most important focus of Onglet is meat. It also pays tribute to the history of the restaurant's location of the old butcher shop. Levy and Tim always look for the story behind the products, the special parts of the animal, and go beyond the traditional steak. The menu consists of six small dishes that can be shared among the guests. Most of the dishes are prepared on the "Southbend grill" which ensures a pure taste of meat. 

Restaurant Onglet is located at the Wycker Brugstraat 27 in Maastricht.

Restaurant, seafood, lobster, ice bucket, table setting with white table cloths, wine glasses on the table
Restaurant "O"

Restaurant "O" - Charlotte Giliam [F 2012] 

“Love for the product, simplicity on the plate and consistent quality are key.”

Restaurant “O” is a fish restaurant located in the cozy and authentic Rechtstraat, right in the center of Maastricht.  One of the only seafood restaurants in Maastricht, “O” was founded in 2006 by Dennis van de Meer and Charlotte Giliam. 

Chef Dennis and hostess Charlotte will create an unforgettable dinner for their guests.
They cook with daily fresh and seasonal products and on the menu you can find fruit de mer, hand-cut carpaccio's, fish cooked on the bone or in salt crust. In addition, the wine list is spacious with over 100 wines from classic but also lesser-known wine regions in Europe.

The Mediterranean Sea in Maastricht

The hospitality world, cooking and passion for good food, it all started early for the couple Dennis and Charlotte. At an early age, Dennis found his passion for that cooking and did vocational hospitality education. Charlotte wanted to pursue a management position and therefore went to the hotel school. Together they run their restaurant and ensure that everyone enjoys their hospitality, the ambiance and of course their fish specialties. They inspire their guests to enjoy good quality food and great fish from the Mediterranean Sea.

Restaurant “O” is located at the Rechtstraat 76 in Maastricht.

Château Neercanne, green forest, historic and baroque terrace and garden
Château Neercanne

Restaurant Château Neercanne - Camille Oostwegel jr. [F 2009] 

 “Château Neercanne is to create inspiring experiences and build a legacy together, beyond expectations.”

A little outside the city centre, near the Belgium border, lies the beautiful Château Neercanne. With its beautiful historic baroque gardens that serve as a terrace in summer, it is a unique place to visit. In the former stables of the château, l'Auberge de Neercanne is established. This restaurant has a Bib Gourmand awarded by Michelin. The castle itself houses the renovated Restaurant Château Neercanne. The marl caves that are part of the castle form an extraordinary setting for meetings, parties and wine tastings.

The Oostwegel Collection

The houses of Oostwegel Collection have a rich cultural and culinary tradition. 
The kitchen team of the restaurant, under the leadership of chef de cuisine Robert Levels, uses French cuisine as the basis for its dishes, enriched with surprising preparation techniques from around the world. The dishes therefore consist mainly of a combination of international and local ingredients.

On 1 January 2020, Camille Oostwegel sr. handed over the ownership as general manager of the family business to his son Camille jr. Both sisters also work in the family business. Middle sister Michelle is assistant chef at Château St. Gerlach and youngest sister Francoise is jointly responsible for the interior styling of venues.

Restaurant Château Neercanne is located at the Von Dopfflaan 10 in Maastricht. 

Restaurant Luster, Loek Rekko, Blue and white bar, white shirt, glasses,
Loek Rekko from Restaurant Luster

Restaurant Luster- Loek Rekko [F 2018] 

"Being unique and welcoming is a top priority at Luster."

The main concept of Luster is shared dining in a Mediterranean style. In addition to the Mediterranean base of the dishes, the finishing touches of the dishes come from all over the world. Luster combines the Mediterranean cuisine with Asian, South American, and Arabic ingredients, flavors and preparation methods.

Luster focusses on the latest trends and implements them in the business. A current trend Luster has introduced in the restaurant is shared dining; offering guests the option to try many different dishes and therefore flavors. The food is complemented by a wide range of wines and cocktails, to suit every type of guest! The vision of Luster is to distinguish themselves with unique dishes you will not easily find at other restaurants. 

The freedom of being an entrepreneur

Loek is the third generation at the Luster location. He took over the restaurant from his father, and has since then given it his very own twist. For him, the best thing about being an entrepreneur is that there is a lot of room for creativity to make your own choices. Inspiring your staff, seeing your guests appreciate your choices and having it lead to success, is where Loek finds his energy and motivation to run the restaurant.

Luster has many different delicious dishes that will blow your mind. It is very difficult for Loek to choose just one, but if there is one that really stands out, it is the tuna tartare. This tartare is a true eye-catcher and a favorite amongst his guests. 

Restaurant Luster is located at Vrijthof 10 in Maastricht.

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