Let's catch up with Maud Meijers [F 2014]

Alumna and staff at the HMSM

‘I love working with the younger generation. It is interesting to see how students can surprise you by being somewhat naïve and also surprisingly inventive almost in the same breath. Besides it is really nice meeting other alumni from the HMSM in the work field, or on the work floor!’

Maud Meijers [F 2014] is lecturer, researcher at the research centre Future of Food and track coordinator at the Hotel Management School Maastricht and  still working on her PhD at University of Wageningen.  Let's catch up with her!

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How did you end up in your current job? 

I applied for a position at the Research Centre Future of Food. During conversations about that position, our former dean, Ad Smits, offered me a full-time position at the HMSM, working partly in education and partly on research. Since the beginning of this year, I am also coordinator of the track Foodservice.

What was your biggest challenge? 

My biggest challenge is dividing my time between different projects, finalizing my PhD (Wageningen University and Research), and social activities with my friends and family. I like it all!

What is the best advice you've ever got?

You are not going to set yourself apart from others by turning your 5.5 into a 6.0, you will do that by turning your 8.0 into a 9.5. And regarding my PhD I was told to: 'focus on not regretting choosing for a PhD afterwards instead of during'. I do believe this piece of advice is useful beyond a PhD project: as the best views also come after the hardest climbs.

What is the most important skill you’ve gained at HMSM? 

Hands down my operational internship in Washington D.C., it was a dream come true to do an internship in the US. I will be visiting D.C. again this fall. During that time I also fell in love with N.Y.C., a city that I would love to live in at some point in my life.

How do you experience the younger generation?

I love working with the younger generation! I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with them. I think it is interesting to see how they can surprise you by being somewhat naïve and surprisingly inventive almost in the same breath.

What would you like to give back to students from your own experience?

Pursue your dreams: set your goals and work towards them, be willing to do the hard work!

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