28 sep 2023

Just graduated: Adam Héry [F 2021]

Adam Héry [F 2021]: 'It has been hammered in during my study and it's true; your network can bring great opportunities'

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18 sep 2023

Just graduated: Jur Plötz [F 2022]

Jur Plötz [F 2022], momenteel werkzaam bij Ajax en F1, over zijn leven na het afstuderen.

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26 apr 2023

Let's catch up with Maud Meijers [F 2014]

Lecturer, researcher, track coordinator and still working on her PhD at University of Wageningen. Let's catch up with Maud!

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29 apr 2022

Let's catch up with Sharon Opstal [F 2017]

Sharon Opstal vertrok naar het buitenland om een jaar te reizen en woont en werkt tot vandaag de dag in M’pai Bay in Cambodja!

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08 mrt 2022

Let's catch up with Sophie Bozon [F 2018]

Sophie Bozon combineert reizen in haar bus met het opzetten van haar eigen bedrijf, 'Virtual Sophie'

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09 mrt 2021

Let's catch up with Milou Agterberg [F 2017]

How did Milou get to work in pastry on a Michelin star level? Read all about it in her blog.

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02 mrt 2021

Let's catch up with Rhoderique Meesters [F 1997]

"At HMSM you learn to develop a healthy dose of self-confidence and flair that you can use throughout your life.”

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27 jan 2021

Let's catch up with Maartje Jans [F 2014]

Maartje tells about her role at, how she got there and the future she sees for herself.

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18 jan 2021

Let's catch up with Stan van Gompel [F 2017]

Stan wanted to make a switch from hospitality to IT, but that turned out quite differently. Read about it in his blog!

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02 nov 2020

Alumna Jeanette Leenders’ 2nd blog

About rescheduling her travel plans (again and again) and return to the Netherlands!

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