Did you know that you can improve your chances of being admitted to Hotel Management School Maastricht? Do you not meet the standards of the admission requirements of our hotel school? Read these tips and recommendations to increase your chances of being admitted.  

Work experience and gap year

Relevant work experience is no official admission requirement for the hotel school. However, we do believe work experience is important. Be sure to let us know if you have taken a gap year. Especially if you have used this time to better prepare yourself for the hotel management school. We will most definitely pay attention to this during the selection.

Language proficiencies at certain levels

At the hotel school in Maastricht we prepare you for an international career. That is why we maintain certain admission requirements regarding your language proficiencies. At our school, you will study a secondary language besides the English language. You are able to choose from French, German or Spanish. The entry level of these languages are at A2 level (European Framework of Reference for Languages). Did you already take your final exams for your language of choice? Then this will suffice.
Note: If you are a Dutch student wishing to enroll in the international programme, please note that only language tests that were part of your havo or vwo examinations are acceptable. Candidates who have sat language examinations at vmbo-T level need to present a certificate at level A2.

If you didn’t take final exams for a language of your choice, you are obligated to acquire a (certified) certificate at A2 level, or at least provide evidence of your participation of this course. Send us your certificate or proof of participation before the 1st of September (for enrolment in September) or the 1st of December (for enrolment in February).

We recommend the following language institutes: for German the Goethe Institut, for French the Institut Français of Alliance Française and for Spanish the Instituto Cervantes. You can also take a language course of your choice at level A2 at Regina Coeli in Vught.

●    If you are not a native Dutch speaker, we wish to receive a NT2-diploma.
●    We do not accept certificates which have been issued longer than two years ago.

Basic knowledge of economics

Our bachelor programme has a strong focus on economics. If you have any doubts about your foundational knowledge of these business subjects, then you might want to consider enrolling in a refresher course. We often see promising results with candidates who have partaken in such courses. There are multiple options for courses like these. In The Netherlands we recommend the Boekhoudcollege as preferred supplier.

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All candidates: before 1 May 2021

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