Badge of Merit

The Badge of Merit is awarded as a tribute to a relation, employee or student who has made exceptional efforts on behalf of the Hotel Management School Maastricht and its community.

Knoop van Verdienste award


The idea for a Badge of Merit has its origin on 14th of October 2011 when the Hotel Management School Maastricht, straight from the hands of mayor Onno Hoes, received the Badge of Merit from the municipality of Maastricht.

With the Badge of Merit, the municipality of Maastricht expressed its appreciation for the special way in which the HMSM puts Maastricht on the map. Nationally and internationally. Hotel education in Maastricht has an excellent reputation at home and abroad, which is why many students choose to study in Maastricht. The hotel school is the second organisation that received this award.


The design of the Badge of Merit is from a student at the Academy of Visual Arts in Maastricht and has been awarded since 2011. The design represents the international character of hospitality and the significance of the castle as part of the hotel management education.

People awarded with the Badge of Merit:


  • Hans Schalken - Executive director / coach at Schalken & Partners - former member IHAB
  • Jan Meurer - Executive vice president Inflight Services KLM - former chairman IHAB
  • Michiel Bakker - Director Global Food Services Google Inc. - former member IHAB
  • Hans Kasper - Professor of Marketing Maastricht University - former member IHAB 
  • Jan Janssen - CEO Tropical Islands Holding GmbH - former member IHAB
  • Henny Essenberg - Executive VP/KLM Passenger Services - former member IHAB
  • Camille Oostwegel sr.- owner Châteauhotels & -Restaurants - former member IHAB
  • Steve Lowy - owner UMI Marketing - guest lecturer and promotor THCB
  • Carmina Solà-Morales - directeur Turismo Sant Ignasi - co-founder master International Hospitality Management
  • Arco Buijs - CEO Alpitour World Hotels - former member IHAB  

(Former) employees

  • Ed Pinczowski - lecturer hotel management
  • Harpert van Seggelen - General Manager Teaching Hotel (2010-2019)    
  • Ralph Leenders - leturer ethics    
  • Piet Hendrikx (✝ 2019) - coördinator track Foodservice   
  • Ger-Jan Wassink (✝ 2018) -  lecturer wine and beverage    
  • Piet Lamberiks - lecturer financial and economical management
  • Frans Kruip - coördinator selection


  • Matt Flipse [F 2019] - for creating and implementing the new introduction of student association Amphitryon
  • Anne Joosten [F 2019] - for creating and implementing the new introduction of student association Amphitryon
  • Jeannette Leenders [F 2012] - for promoting the Teaching Hotel
  • Roxi Sun [F 2012] - for the professionalisation of the Teaching Hotel

General contact details

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