Within Hotel Management School Maastricht we are committed to sustainability and making our school more sustainable in various ways. Through various initiatives we aim to create awareness and increase knowledge among our students and employees. We do this both within our education and on our campus. Read below how we do this!


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Sustainability at HMSM

'A company or institution today shouldn't be the 'best in the world' but 'the best for the world'. I am delighted to see the HMSM took a huge step forward in gaining knowledge about and conducting research on sustainability. Our research centre Future of Food has more than enough challenges to investigate. Hospitality is also inextricably linked to travel. The various angles of approach to this are a lively topic between us, companies and consumers.'

- Bas Vogelsangs, director Hotel Management School Maastricht


Bring your own cup

May 2023 we introduced the 'bring your own cup' policy. We no longer offer paper or plastic cups for coffee, tea and water, to encourage students and staff to use their own reusable cup or mug. As an alternative, we as Hotel Management School Maastricht offer the option to buy a Stojo Cup. A reusable and collapsible silicone cup suitable for cold and hot drinks. This cup is for sale for students and employees at the coffee bar in Refresh.

With this we save more than 115,000 disposable cups per year!


Working group Sustainability 

The HMSM Sustainable working group carries out projects and contributes improvements within the school. In addition to the presence of sustainability in the curriculum, the working group addresses practical issues related to sustainability in everyday life at school and on campus and beyond. The working group aims to align its efforts with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.



PET bottles can be collected in the special PET-Man collection bin. The deposit of these bottles is donated to a good cause that was jointly selected by students and employees of the hotel school: The Plastic Soup Foundation.


Sustainable initiatives

Within the hotel school we constantly try to improve our sustainability and make both employees and students aware of the importance of being sustainable. In addition to the above initiatives, we have special bins to recycle waste, there is a a bee hotel next to the Teaching Hotel and recently we have opened our own HMSM Grow Garden where we grow herbs and vegetables.