From Vietnam to Maastricht

The best decision for my career

"Without HMSM’s generosity, I wouldn’t be able to be here."

August 21st, 2017 – the day I officially departed from Danang International Airport and headed towards the Netherlands to kick off my university life. At the age of 17, I didn’t think much about how hard it can be to settle down in a completely new country on the other side of the world; I just knew there was going to be a great journey, waiting for me ahead. 

Dang Minh Tri Nguyen

Excellent quality in higher education

Alrighty, without further ado, my name is Dang Minh Tri Nguyen, and I am from the beautiful country of Vietnam. When I was in high school, I was aware that Vietnam, with its rich culture and magnificent natural heritage, is a wonderful land for hospitality. Despite the significant growth in the number of tourists coming to the country, I also noticed that Vietnam has not yet developed to its full potential. Therefore, determined to become an individual committed to the future progress of my home country in the hospitality industry, I decided to pursue my studies in the Netherlands, a small country located in the heart of Western Europe, which is known for its excellent quality in higher education.

Working opportunities in the Teaching Hotel

During my university searching, I stumbled upon Hotel Management School Maastricht and was instantly exhilarated by the programme they offered. The institute stood out for me because it is one of a few schools providing freshmen tremendous working opportunities in its own on-campus hotel. Besides, all students are also entitled to two long-term internships abroad lasting for 6 (or 12 – in certain circumstances) months, which in my opinion, could be considered as the very first professional hand-on experience before entering the workforce. Furthermore, from my perspective, not only does the school offer its students theoretical and practical knowledge, but it contributes to one’s personal development by directing the learners’ behaviors and morale, through the process of self-reflection, group projects, coaching and reporting. The school pays a lot of attention to serve the international community and is always open for feedback and improvements.

Receiving my scholarship 

I will never forget the moment I received an email from the International Office titled ‘Congratulations! Granted: ‘Holland Scholarship - Zuyd Excellence’ scholarship. I was filled with joy and happiness, knowing that my hard work and unfailing perseverance had paid off. Without HMSM’s generosity, I wouldn’t be able to be here and express my gratitude for awarding me with this precious learning journey and experience, which will further lay the solid foundation for my career path and development in the future. 

Thinking of how wonderfully I spent the past 4 years at the this school really touches me. I believe that one day, when looking back, going to Hotel Management School Maastricht was one of the best decisions for my career.

Dang Minh Tri graduated this year [F 2021] and now works as an accountant at Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht Hotel.  

Applying for a scholarship

Within Zuyd, there are three different scholarships available for talented and highly motivated non-EU students. For more information about the scholarships and how to apply for them, click here. Besides the available scholarships from Zuyd, there are more providers. These include the Dutch government, the European Union and other private scholarship providers. Funding is available for students wishing to spend a short period abroad as well as for those seeking to follow an entire programme of study abroad. A complete overview of scholarships administred by Nuffic can be found here

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