Just graduated: Hannah Slabber [F 2023]

Working at Minor Hotels

She's really enjoying her time in the People & Culture department at Minor Hotels, but Hannah Slabber [F 2023] may also want to use her analytical skills in Revenue in the future.

Hannah Slabber [F 2023]

What were your plans after graduating?

After my final internship, I wanted to start my first permanent job immediately. I completed my graduation internship at Minor Hotels within the People & Culture - Learning & Development department at the regional office in Hoofddorp, and I'm happy to say that I have been working there for a year now as a Talent Development Coordinator for the Business Unit Northern Europe.

What are important qualities that your future employer/manager must have? 

Flexibility is very important to me. I love planning my own days and weeks, and I try to mix working at the office, from home, and in the hotels. It's also important that my manager is honest with me and straightforward. I'm originally from Zeeland, so I value the 'no-nonsense' approach.

Where do you see yourself in 3 years? What is your next step?

Hard question! What I like about this company is that you can go in any direction and department if you're interested and ambitious. For me, this is particularly relevant because I enjoy doing a lot of things; 'No' isn't a word I use often, haha. For now, I'm very happy within the People & Culture department, but a more analytical position within the Revenue department or Internal Auditing also seems very interesting.

Which alumni has made an impression on you? And why? 

Another tough question! During my hotel school career, we had many interesting guest lectures, and it's especially nice to see more and more alumni at Minor Hotels now. One of them is Stan van Gompel [F 2017], my former internship supervisor and current colleague. I learned a lot from him about Learning & Development during my internship (and still do), as well as about the ins and outs of working in a large company. Besides, he's just a great person to work with and you can always have a laugh with him.



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