Roelof ten Cate explains the ‘micro’ culture on the campus of HMSM

"Yes, the campus is quite dynamic. Think of all nationalities who live on the campus. People from China, the U.K, Germany or France. Good to practice your languages!" 

The campus has its own culture created by the students. Sharing your stuff with your roommates and just walking to your school, to the bar and the Teaching Hotel. Together with 300+ ‘roommates’ it's quite hard. But most of the time it is amazing! 

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Roelof ten Cate

Living on campus

September 2015, I started my study at the Hotel Management School Maastricht (HMSM). Different from other studies, at the HMSM you have to survive the campus period. That sounds hard. And sometimes it is. During this period, you learn to live with 300+ roommates. That sounds amazing and it is.

300+ roommates

You share everything with your ‘roommates’. The building, the bathroom, the toilets, the hallway, the washing machine and dryer. The vacuum cleaner, your pans, your cooker, your food and beer, salt and pepper, your television and music, your bike and even sometimes your bed! Yes, the campus has a real sharing culture. They say: sharing is caring! 

Different way of addresses 

Besides that, the addresses are also different than in the rest of the world. You don’t talk about streets and postal codes. You speak about buildings, hallways and left or right or long or small side. ‘I am living in the Geul, long side with view over Amphitryon!’ The rooms are just a couple of square meters. But you live like the resident of a villa. Having drinks in your room with your ‘yearclub’ that consists of 15 men. Besides them, you also invite the people who live in your ‘hallway’. I can remember the record number of people in my room… 32 hotello’s. 

Your friend and enemy  

Within two weeks you recognize every face on the campus. Including the concierges of the campus. Sometimes they are your enemy; when you organize a party in your room with too much noise. But more often they are your hero; when you've lost your keys. When your cooker suddenly stops. When you search a friend in crime. When you can’t find your bike. When you need a new bike. When you have a question about anything. And they even fixed my bed after it fell apart! They are actually 24/7 available. What a service!

Casual or chique

Yes, the campus is quite dynamic. Think of all nationalities who live on the campus. People from China, the U.K, Germany or France. Good to practice your languages! You see a lot of people wearing different kind of uniforms. Like someone wearing a chef’s hat and knife set. Or someone with a chique suit. And your neighbor who is wearing a housekeeping uniform. These roommates worked in practical shifts in the Teaching Hotel or restaurant. Or preparing for these shifts… During this period, you learn together with your roommates to cook in a hotel kitchen or how to supervise a team in a restaurant. 

Altogether; never a dull moment during the campus period! Everything you need is really nearby. You can walk to the school, the Teaching Hotel and Student Association Amphitryon. And when you want to visit the centre of Maastricht, it is only 10 minutes by bike. Any plans for the weekend? Take the train, just next to the campus! 

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