Working together on hospitality

“For me, the crux of the matter is to support organizations and individuals in personal leadership and hospitality."

Ilse Brommersma and Maarten Bos were both former hospitality consultants. Together with their colleagues, they supported organizations and companies in healthcare, government and services in developing people-oriented hospitality. But what does that mean? And where does it lead to? Ilse and Maarten about hospitality.

Hospitality Consultants
Hospitality Consultants

First inside then outside

Maarten: “For me, the crux of the matter is to support organizations and individuals in personal leadership and hospitality. It is also about making a genuine connection with the other. Clients, patients but also colleagues."

Ilse adds: “For clients, it is often about external hospitality. But that cannot be developed without internal hospitality. First the inside, then the outside. Even inner hospitality is important. Based on appreciation and a positive approach, we teach people to look at themselves and at each other as appreciated colleagues. This is how we create job satisfaction and mutually hospitable behaviour. ”

Maarten: “The essence is therefore the development of happy employees in a pleasant working environment. Only then external hospitality that leads to good effective results and to loyal customers is possible. ”

An example: An institution for child and adolescent psychiatry wants to improve the quality of services and hospitality to the outside world. Towards the children and their parents or guardians. Ilse: “We started internally with the development of a positive climate among managers and employees. Soon the job satisfaction increased, the collaboration improved and the internal communication was more hospitable. Employees dare to address each other better and they give each other compliments more often. That immediately spreads to the outside."

Hospitality rewarding for everyone

The hospitality consultants have various clients in the healthcare sector. Here, hospitality is also very important. Maarten: “In a hospital or care institution, hospitality directly influences the well-being of the patient. Among other things, it stimulates the recovery process. Research has shown this. Hospitality also has a positive influence on employees and the organization. Therefore structural investment in hospitality is rewarding for everyone involved."

Connection and student deployment

Because Hospitality Consultancy is connected to the Hotel school in Maastricht, we have a close relationship with the students. This means special added value for both parties. Ilse: “We are bringing out the knowledge and skills that students are developing here in Maastricht. With it we support the work for our clients. At the same time we bring back a world of practice to enrich the education. ”

Maarten: “Within a minor at the hotel school and also in the graduation module, Hospitality Consultancy puts in projects. This allows students to integrate into our work. They offer our customers and us a fresh, open perspective. From their student role, for example, they can provide feedback to medical specialists that would not have been easily accepted from us, the consultants.”


In the world of organizational development, the Hospitality Consultants play a special role with their ‘hospitality’ theme and everything that comes with it. Ilse: “We are a team of enthusiastic people who work together with passion and pleasure and that radiates to the organizations for whom we work. The relationship with our clients is based on mutual trust. Our strength lies in the development of the organization, together with the organization.” Maarten fully agrees:" It is about co-creation and growing both in the development process. Nice work!"

Increase hospitality?

Do you want to know how we can work together with you on improving the hospitality? How you can ensure a 9+ experience for your customers, clients or patients? Then contact us. We happily think along with you.

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