Just graduated: Charlotte Hendrikx [F 2023]

'My wish + her expertise led to the first prototype: an old blazer from MyJewellery with a piece of curtain as the back.'

She has a sense of fashion. And alongside her work with designer Yume Yume, Charlotte Hendrikx [F 2023], together with her sister Michelle, has established the company Bold Blazers.

What are your plans after graduation?

I graduated from HMSM a year ago and have been working at Yume Yume since then: a designer from Amsterdam who designs shoes and clothing. I am responsible for the logistical process here and support the financial matters. And during my studies, in the midst of the corona crisis, I started Bold Blazers with my sister Michelle.

How did you come up with the idea of Bold Blazers?

The idea began in May 2021, in the midst of the corona crisis. I often wore blazers but was annoyed that everyone at school and in Maastricht always wore the same garments. When a Zara jacket with sequins or fringes came out, you would see several girls wearing it. Michelle has always been very handy and creative and could manage well with the sewing machine on her own. My wish + her expertise led to the first prototype: an old blazer from MyJewellery with a piece of curtain as the back. Once this was successful, it was clear; we had to start a company together selling these kinds of blazers. After that, everything was set in motion: we started looking for beautiful vintage blazers and scoured fabric markets for unique fabrics. Once Michelle could start sewing, I focused on the branding of the brand and created an Instagram page (@Bold_blazers). We asked friends to model and did everything ourselves; the purchasing, designing, organizing photoshoots, etc. The name was also quickly conceived, and we are still very happy with it to this day. The idea behind our brand is that we want to empower people in a unique and striking way. This quickly led us to the word “Bold,” which stands for: “Showing a willingness to take risks, confident and courageous” & “Having a strong, vivid, or clear appearance.”

The first collection, photoshoot, name, and Instagram allowed us to go live with our business. We decided at the time to share the new collections via Instagram, through "drops," where we choose a date and time and actively share that we are putting all the blazers online at that moment. Everyone can then let us know via a DM that they want to buy the blazer, and the first to do so is the lucky one.

What makes these Bold Blazers special?

All blazers are vintage and are selected by us with a keen eye for quality, and we are also critical when it comes to the perfect fabric. The fact that the blazers are vintage and that we only use the fabric a few times makes all blazers unique and one-of-a-kind. Moreover, all blazers are handmade by Michelle and Anny (seamstress), and we do not engage in overproduction.

Where can you buy Bold Blazers? And what can we expect?

The Bold Blazers are available for purchase on our Instagram page @Bold_blazers. Keep an eye on the page because we announce our new drops there. Additionally, you can expect many more blazers with striking sleeves, and we are developing a men's collection in 2024. Moreover, we want to try something new; we want to twist the designs more towards our own style, so: keep an eye on our Instagram!

How did you land your first job?

During my internship in the children's fashion purchasing department at the headquarters of de Bijenkorf in Amsterdam, it was confirmed for me that my passion lies in fashion. At the end of my internship, I wanted to apply for a job at a fashion brand in Amsterdam, and Yume Yume caught my eye. There were no vacancies posted online, so I sent them a message on Instagram asking if I could send an open application. I did this, after which I was invited for an interview. A year later, I am still working here and feel very much at home!

Where do you stand in 3 years? What is your next step?

I find this a very difficult question. I try to do what I enjoy and as soon as I no longer enjoy it, I move on to something else. At the moment, I am happy in Amsterdam, but I still have a passion to move abroad (Lisbon). The past few years have made it clear to me that I want to continue working in fashion and I definitely want to continue with Bold Blazers together with my sister.

My sister Michelle will graduate as a veterinarian in three years and wants to pursue a specialization in orthopedics. Last summer, she bought a van that she is converting into a camper to make beautiful trips. She also wants to continue with Bold Blazers together.

Michelle (L) en Charlotte (R)
Michelle (L) en Charlotte (R)
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