16 May 2024

Working at HMSM: game-changers and inspirator

Alumni Tessa van Eijsden [F 2015] and Andreas Oerlemans [F 1987] discuss their experiences as alumni and lecturers at HMSM.

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15 Apr 2024

Just graduated: Hannah Slabber [F 2023]

Hannah, who graduated in 2023, discusses her life post-graduation, working in the People & Culture department at Minor Hotels.

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06 Feb 2024

Just graduated: Charlotte Hendrikx [F 2023]

Next to her job at designer Yume Yume, Charlotte Hendrikx [F 2023], together with her sister Michelle, established Bold Blazers.

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25 Jan 2024

Let's catch up with Margot Vlek [F 2011]

Margot Vlek [F 2011] offers a glimpse into her life as the GM of Hotel the Exchange and the unique SWEETS hotel in Amsterdam.

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20 Dec 2023

Just graduated: Manon Merks [F 2022]

Explore Manon Merks' post-graduation journey, choosing finance at Mews over a master's, and envisioning impactful growth.

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07 Nov 2023

Giving back: Jordy Priem [F 2022] is internship supervisor

He's part of the younger generation but is already giving back to students during their operational internship.

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28 Sept 2023

Just graduated: Adam Héry [F 2021]

Adam Héry [F 2021]: 'It has been hammered in during my study and it's true; your network can bring great opportunities'

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21 Sept 2023

Just graduated: Jur Plötz [F 2022]

Jur Plötz [F 2022], currently employed at Ajax and F1, on his life after graduation.

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26 Apr 2023

Let's catch up with Maud Meijers [F 2014]

Lecturer, researcher, track coordinator and still working on her PhD at University of Wageningen. Let's catch up with Maud!

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29 Apr 2022

Let's catch up with Sharon Opstal [F 2017]

Sharon Opstal left to travel for a year after graduation, and to this day lives and works in M’pai Bay in Cambodia!

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