Being a student is an unique experience!

Jean Maroun Bou Malhab about his time at HMSM

"On this campus, one is surrounded by wonderful, outgoing students, who share, somewhat, the same motives as everyone around."

Jean Maroun Bou Malhab is from Lebanon, but lived all his life in Kuwait. Now he is a 1st year student at HMSM and enjoys living on the new Student Residence. Read about his experience!

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Unique experience

Being a student is a unique experience, but this experience is quite enhanced when you’re part of the Hotel Management School Maastricht. I have been living on the new student residence from the beginning of September up to this very date and I must say that I whole heartedly enjoy my time here. 

Wonderful, outgoing students

On this campus, one is surrounded by wonderful, outgoing students, who share, somewhat, the same motives as everyone around. We get to cook together on the daily, whether it be planned or not. We often wake up around the same time due to our courses being at the same time. We cook breakfast together and continue to eat our meals on the tables by the window, enjoying the beautiful morning sun (whenever it’s out). 

New Student Residence

I’ve got to say, it took some time for me to adapt to this place, having come from a country where one can see nothing but- sea, sand, and palm trees. Thankfully, holland2stay has made the rooms quite adaptable and subject to personal design. One would be able to put some posters, place some plants, order some furniture, or even pin some pictures on the “pin-board” right above the bed. With no flamboyant “pan polish” to our campus managers, I am truly grateful for everything that has been done here by all the workers. Loads of hours have been checked-in to ensure that the students, whether they be internationals or locals, have a smooth transition from their initial nest to the HMSM student housing. 

Friends for life

Comfortable as I am with the housing situation, I also believe that I have made friends for life; already! Living together whilst carrying out “family delegated tasks” my “circle” and I have built a “blood-bond.” 

On top of the act

I wouldn’t have experienced what I have experienced so far if I hadn’t made the decision to come here; with no “side-sweep” to our campus managers, they too, have played a vital role in making our lives comfortable and ensuring that we are always on the top of our act (acquainted or not). 

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