Give back to our community!

Our students understand how lucky they are, and how much opportunity they have. This is why we want to give back to the community, to share our success and share our luck with others. The Hotel Management School Maastricht partakes in different projects in which students cooperate and make a positive contribution to the school, our surroundings and to everyone whom we consider to be in our community. These projects are referred to as ComIn, short for Community Involvement.

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As a first year student, you can already choose a project  which you personally care about. You can choose for one of the proposed projects or devise/submit a project proposal yourself. Besides your regular classes, you will clear time in your schedule to dedicate your energy to your community project. Below, you can read more about a few examples of these projects.

Project: Working together with charities

In this ComIn project students are part of TeamUp. This is a collaboration of Unicef, Save the Children and War Child. Hotel school students are trained to provide social care at a nearby location. Here they help refugee children to become a child again. They will assist children to deal with feelings of anger, fear and stress, all in a safe and playful environment. Want to learn more about this project? Read Annabel’s blog in which she will tell you more about this special ComIn project.

Project: In good company at the dinner table

This ComIn project focuses on decreasing loneliness amongst the elderly in our neighbourhood. Residents of our local area Limmel, are invited to join us for dinner every Thursday evening, at the student restaurant Refresh. Students along with our head chef will cater warm meals, refreshments, and socialize with our elderly guests! This project aims to directly influence the social wellbeing of dependents in our community.

Project: Wanted: Organisational talent

The student association Amphitryon is at the center of our student community. Different ComIn projects are possible in collaboration with the student association. These are often projects with an organizational character. These might include, organizing events (sports, music etc), arranging a gala or even contributing to the organization of the ‘Preuvenemint’ - the largest outdoor culinary event of the Benelux region.

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