Study coaching

Each hotel school student receives personal study coaching and feedback from the beginning till the end of your studies. Up until your operational internship during the second year your study coach will assist you with the development of your personal qualities in individual meetings. After your first internship the study coaching changes into career coaching starting with the ‘Eye on the Future’ day. Are you in need of having a more personal conversation? Then you can get in touch with one of our student counsellors.

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Study coaching

Each hotel management student receives personal study coaching, up until the operational internship during the second year. Your study coach or career counsellor will assist you with the development of your personal qualities. We devote a lot of time into this, as we expect and encourage our students to do a lot of self-reflection. Based on a Personal Development Plan (PDP) you will work on skills like cooperation, planning, providing feedback and developing your leadership skills. Are you in need of having a more personal conversation? Then you can get in touch with one of our student counsellors.

Career guidance - My Future Story

You will work on your My Future Story during your last 2 years of the programme, in which you will keep track of what you want to learn and have learned, so that you can make good choice studies and outline a clear profile when applying for internships or jobs. Have you finished all hotel management educational modules? Then you will finish your education with a Final Assessment. During this assessment you will present yourself as a true ‘young hospitality professional’. Most students immediately start their first job after graduation, others travel the world for a while or decide to continue studying.

Student counsellor for personal matters

The hotel school in Maastricht has two student counsellors. They attend to both the general interests of all hotel management students, as well as your individual interests. Our student counsellors will be there for you when you have any questions about your student grants, study costs or your study progress. But there are also other matters you can discuss with the student counsellor. These might include, matters such as illness, regarding a disability, personal matters, conflicts at school or complaints and appeal procedures. The student counsellor handles your case in the strictest confidence and holds an independent position at the hotel school.

Studying with a disability

Do you have a disability or suffer from a chronic illness or disorder that means that studying will take more time and energy? If so, there are multiple arrangements you may make use of to assist you during your study. By supporting you as much as we can, we aim to prevent study delays and dropouts.

Zuyd has developed a Roadmap, this functions as a practical guide for students with a physical impairment. With the Roadmap you can find out to whom you can reach out if you have certain questions. In here, you can also find out which arrangements and solutions are available for you to overcome the obstacles you might face during your hotel management study. For more information, read about studying with a disability on the website of Zuyd.

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