Do you want to gain more international experience during your third study year? Join the international exchange programme! The exchange will take a total of 20 weeks, during which you will not attend any minors.

How does it work?

The hotel school in Maastricht is part of the Life Long Learning programme. This Erasmus programme allows you to study at a foreign university for a period of 5 months. You will receive credits as determined by the European Credit Transfer System. The International Office of our hotel school arranges this programme and assists with the exchange. 

Cooperations within the EU

Laurea University of Applied Sciences -

La Rochelle Business School -

Technical University of Dublin -

FHWien der WKW University of Applied Sciences -

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona -
IQS Barcelona Ramon Llull University -

Cooperations outside the EU

Universidad Austral de Chile -

Hong Kong
Hong Kong Polytechnic -

Young Professionals Overseas

Are you in search of a challenging minor? Do you have a specific interest in global issues, international development and interculturalism? Do you want to commit yourself to spending multiple months in a country with a completely different culture and socio-economic reality? Where you can make a real difference to the world? Then the Young Professionals Overseas programme (YPO) might be something for you.

YPO offers interesting and exciting opportunities. The partners of YPO are mostly non-profit organizations. You will work for at least 7 weeks at one of those organizations. 

Apply for the programme

You can apply via Studielink

Start September 2024 & February 2025
All candidates can apply until 1 May 2024

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