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The Hotel Management School Maastricht is internationally recognized as one of the most esteemed hotel management courses and has various national and international certifications. 
For example, the study programme has acquired, among other things, the top quality seal of the Keuzegids Hbo quality seal. In addition to the Dutch-Flemish accreditation, it is also awarded: THE-ICE accreditation from the International Center of Excellence in Tourism and Hospitality Education from Australia. We are praised for the distinctive feature of 'small-scale and intensive education'.

Quality seal ‘Topopleiding’ of the Keuzegids Hbo

The Keuzegids (selection guide) is published by the Center for Higher Education Information (C.H.O.I.). The rankings in the guide are based on statistics on academic success, expert opinions from the accreditation of programmes, as well as feedback from students: retrieved from the National Student Survey. 
This independent study comparator has assessed the bachelor study programme at the Hotel Management School Maastricht and was awarded the quality seal with the 'excellent' qualification. 

Accreditation NVAO and THE-ICE

The study programme is audited every four years and a visitation panel consisting of representatives of the NVAO (Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Organization) and THE-ICE (International Center of Excellence in Tourism and Hospitality Education) visits the hotel school. The last time this happened was in the spring of 2018.

NVAO assesses the study programme on the following four standards:

  1. Intended learning outcomes
  2. Teaching-learning environment
  3. Student assessment
  4. Achieved learning outcomes

For all four standards, the Hotel Management School Maastricht was awarded the highest possible score of ‘good’. We also meet all the criteria set by THE-ICE.

The panel believed that:

  • the intended learning outcomes were ‘ambitious’; 
  • the programme was ‘solidly good’, with a good balance between education, practical experience and research;
  • the exam programme (year 4) was described as being ‘well considered and innovative’;
  • the tutors were found to be ‘well-qualified and very committed’; 
  • the tutoring and coaching of students was described as ‘excellent’.

Furthermore, the panel found that our alumni are very much sought after within the hospitality industry and that they are usually promoted to management positions. They also remain very much involved with their ‘alma mater’, and in doing so, continue to contribute to the quality of the study programme.

Distinctive feature 'Small-scale and intensive education'

The distinctive feature 'Small-scale and intensive education' has been awarded to the Hotel Management School Maastricht by the Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Organization (NVAO), since July 2013.

Among other things, because of the close-knit community, the many extra-curricular activities and the above-average results of the graduates.

To further develop this quality feature, the Hotel Management School Maastricht is permitted to deviate from statutory tuition fees. Therefore, our tuition fee is higher.
The prime focus within this small-scale, intensive education is on:

  • Innovation (the next step in hospitality);
  • Connecting gastronomy;
  • Development of a 'global mindset';
  • Co-operation with alumni.

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