Living on campus is great!

Students tell you why

"I made a lot of friends, learned a lot about myself and had a lot of fun of course.”

Wondering what campus life at Hotelschool Maastricht is like? We can tell you it’s great but we’d better have our students telling you their experiences. Read further and discover what they say about living on campus.

Campus Hotel Management School Maastricht

Very cosy

“I thought it was very cosy. I lived in a flat with various international students. I made a lot of friends during my time on the campus.” Rens, 2nd year student. 


“The ambiance on campus is just great! Living together with so many students means a lot of fun and a lot of social interaction. I made a lot of friends and campus life taught me how to deal with the mutual cleaning of the hallways and being each other’s neighbours 24/7! Furthermore I will never forget the helpfulness of my co-students during my first weeks in Maastricht. I immediately felt at home!” Lillian, 3rd year student.

Great time

“I really enjoyed my first year on the campus. I had a great time, in which I learned to live on my own. It was an easy and nice way to get to know my fellow students.” Ilse, 2nd year student.


“I will never forget how I came here as a 17 year old girl. The school and my freshman’s year at the campus were unforgettable. Because you spend a lot of time with people around you, I made forever lasting friendships in the first weeks already.” Anne, 3rd year student.

Open and friendly

“I liked living on the campus. I made a lot of friends and everyone was very open and friendly. What I liked best is that everyone had his or her door open. I could just walk through the corridor to say hi or ask something.” Lauren, 2nd year student. 


“I consider my time on the campus the best time until now. I made a lot of friends, learned a lot about myself and had a lot of fun of course.” Arianne, 2nd year student.

The campus of the Hotel Management School Maastricht is set in a wonderful old park. It includes student flats for 1st year students, the education building with the library and restaurant, the Teaching Hotel, the student association home and a sports field. 

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