Construction of Hotel Management School Maastricht’s new student accommodation officially launched | 04 April 2019

On Wednesday 3 April, the first pile was struck to officially launch the construction of 390 new sustainable residential units for first-year students on the Hotel Management School Maastricht (HMSM) campus. In developing this new student accommodation, HMSM is taking an important step towards continuing to play a leading role in training future professionals for the national and international hotel and hospitality industry.

High quality facilities

“The new student accommodation which we are developing together with our partner, MA Hotelschool Develop CV, is vital to the achievement of our educational philosophy and aspirations,” said Ad Smits, Head of the Hotel and Facility Management Faculty. “These residential units for our first-year students should give the campus a further quality boost, rendering it even more attractive to students. Traditionally, HMSM has had a high number of applications, approximately 1,200 per year. A selection procedure is then applied to admit 350 students to the programme each year. In constructing the new premises, it opted to raise this intake figure slightly, namely to 390 students. The HMSM offers both Dutch and English-language education paths. In recent years, the English-language version has attracted increasing interest among foreign students.

Close-knit international community on campus

The campus is an integral part of the educational programme and actually contributed to HMSM being granted the special award for small-scale and intensive education by the Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Organisation in 2013. All students are obliged to live on campus for the first year of their studies. This implies that they have to function in a close-knit international community 24 hours a day. This community idea is further supported by the design of the new student accommodation. In each case, a community space forms the central core of several residential units. These communities are divided over three buildings, each of which features a courtyard in the centre. The design therefore stimulates the social interaction between students, thereby contributing to their personal development. The new premises are to be delivered in phases, between January 2020 and January 2021, according to the latest expectations.

Recognition for combining theory, practical and social skills

The Hotel Management School Maastricht runs an exceptional programme. The institute is located on a stunning estate comprising a castle, a teaching block, student rooms and a student association: the teaching block for theoretical education, the Teaching Hotel Château Bethlehem for practical skills and the student rooms and student association for social skills. Founded on 5 June 1950, the HMSM was originally housed in the Grand Hôtel du Lévrier et de l'Aigle Noir in Maastricht, and in 1954 it moved to Château Bethlehem, where the current campus is under development. A subsidiary of Zuyd University of Applied Sciences, HMSM has developed over the intervening decades from a vocational training programme with approx. 30 male students, to a higher vocational education and master's programme with 1,400 national and international students. HMSM is internationally regarded as one of the most prominent hotel management training courses and has been awarded various national and international distinctions and quality marks. For example, the programme holds the Excellent Course (Topopleiding) quality seal bestowed by the Dutch higher education catalogue, as well as the internationally renowned THE-ICE accreditation granted by the International Centre of Excellence in Tourism and Hospitality Education of Australia.

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Impression of the new campus